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CES 2016 Wearable Tech Awards

Winners Announced.

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The world’s biggest tech show is in full flow, and you don’t need highly paid analysts to tell you what’s trending.

There are drones all over the place, the Oculus VR stand is constantly rammed and the car makers are here in force. But, even more than last year, it’s wearable tech that’s dominating the floor space.

There’s wearable tech for your head, your arms, your legs, your granny and your dog. There are jaw-dropping wearables, unlikely wearables, horrifying sexy wearables and a lot of downright never-see-the-light-of-day tat.

We’ve seen it all. We’ve laughed and cried and used the word ‘metric’, and we’ve chosen the best 10, and these are them.


CASIO WSD-F10 (US$500)

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While Samsung and Huawei have been busy glamming up their smartwatches, Casio has gone down the rugged route for its first Android Wear watch.

The WSD-F10 is crammed with the kind of sensors that’ll delight outdoors enthusiasts and is also waterproof to 50m. You can view all sorts of location and tracking data on its colour LCD, but uniquely you can also switch to a monochrome LCD readout to extend battery life to about a month. 



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A single CR2032 button battery is enough to power the Withings Go for up to eight months, thanks to its super-efficient E-ink screen.

It can be wrist-worn or clipped and tracks walking, running and sleep, syncing data with the Withings Health Mate iOS or Android app. It’s also waterproof, sensing when you’ve hit the pool and tracking time and calories during your swim. 

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