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2016 and beyond: tech trends that will define the year


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LG - here comes the Lifeband Touch and Heart Rate Monitor earphones
Of course LG is working on a fitness band. Samsung is expected to reveal an update to its existing S Band after all, and what would CES be without a good old-fashioned punch-for-punch altercation between the two South Korean tech giants?

The LifeBand Touch has a swipeable OLED display which lets you cycle between fitness information like calories burnt and notifications. That's right, it can connect to your iOS or Android device - no iDiscrimination here the.

Combines with LG's new Heart Rate Monitor earphones which are able to magically measure your heart beat vie your inner ear, it'll display just how hard you're working to get that blood pumping around your body. Stay tuned for pricing and release information.

technogym_2.jpgTechnogym- Glass-compatible treadmills
The fitness fanatics at Technogym have integrated an Android 4.0 tablet into their new treadmill, which can stream data direct to the Google Glass on your face.

Kolibree smart toothbrush
Yes, there is now such a thing as a smart toothbrush. Combined with an app, it lets you monitor how well (or poorly) you brush your gnashers and you can even compare your brushing habits with other members of your family for extra incentive.

schwinn-cyclenav-press-image.gifSchwinn CycleNav
You don't need to weld your smartphone to your handlebars for decent navigation. The CycleNav, (coupled with its Android and iOS app counterpart which uses data from Mapquest) serves up directions with voice guidance and three green arrows which light up to indicate upcoming turns. It even doubles up as a bike light too.

Netatmo June - sun-guardian jewellery
Netatmo has revealed a rather blingy bracelet which can sync up with an iOS app to ensure you don't get caught out in the burning sun (hard to imagine in January, we know), thanks to its ability to measure UV rays. Fabulous.

Wellograph Wellness watch
While the Wellograph can tell the time and connect to your phone, it doesn't support notifications so we've slotted it into the fitness category. It's got a built-in heart rate monitor and sensors to track how active you've been and it syncs to Android and iOS devices for progress monitoring. Slathered in unscratchable crystal sapphire, it makes all other fitness bands look like Christmas cracker toys.

Tao WellShell
This fitness tracker measures your steps and heart rate, and yes, it's huge. But with good reason. It lets you perform over 50 isometric exercises and its accompanying app demonstrates how to perform each one in detail before measuring your performance. Squeeze your way to a stronger you.

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