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2016 and beyond: tech trends that will define the year


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LG's 105in 21:9 4K curved TV
First up, we're going to see more of the previously revealed LG 105UB9 – a huge 105in curved TV with a 4K resolution and a movie-optimised 21:9 aspect ratio. Actually, it's 5K rather than 4K - the set has over 5000 horizontal pixels per line to create that ultra-wide aspect.

4K curved OLED TVs
If you prefer a more traditional aspect ratio then LG has also got a lineup of curved 4K OLED tellies to whet your visual appetites, ranging from 55 inches up to the 77in 77EC9800. They can upscale SD and HD content to 4K, to keep your peepers happy and they'll pack in LG's shiny new webOS TV platform to boot, along with support for 4K Netflix streaming.

Prices remain a mystery, but we expect them to hit our wallets hard.

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Samsung's 105in 4K 21:9 curved TV
LG's not the only South Korean company showing off a 21:9 ratio 4K UHD TV at CES, and we bet every single inch of its 105in screen will be just as stunning to look at as its LG rival.

Samsung Smart Control remote
Sammy's curvy remote will get an upgrade at CES in the form of a new button layout, a smaller touchpad, an integrated mic and gesture controls to match that those found in LG's Magic Remote. Who needs numbers anyway?

Polaroid's £600 4K TV (no, really)
Details on the instant camera veteran's 3840x2160-pixel, 50in set are scant, but it could just be the cheapest way to get next-gen video into your home. As for image quality at that price, all bets are off.

Try 3 issues of Stuff magazine for just £1 today!

Netflix 4K streaming, here we come
Netflix recently confirmed with Stuff that 4K streaming is on its way, and 4K streaming apps on Ultra HD TVs will be making their debut in Vegas, with LG's 4K OLED offering kicking things off.

youtube-4k_2.jpgHouse of Cards is the only confirmed 4K show at the moment, but we'd bet our entire year's Netflix subscription that there are more 4K shows on the way.

YouTube's slice of the 4K pie
Although it's supported 4K video for some time, YouTube is rumoured to be announcing a 4K streaming service that will work just fine on our existing broadband and mobile network connections, thanks to a video codec called VP9. We do love a good codec.

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