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The ultimate gift for any gadget lover!

Stuff makes the perfect gift for any gadget lover as quite simply, it is the world’s best-selling gadget and lifestyle magazine. Every issue is rammed to the virtual rafters with the world’s coolest kit – smart phones, MP3 players, laptops, cameras, Blu-ray players and much more – if it’s cool, new, and gadget-flavoured you can be sure that we’re writing about it and your friend or relative will be reading about it!

Looking for the perfect gift?

Give a gift subscription to Stuff for just £39.99 for 12 issues, and you’ll save 28% on the shop price.That's 12 monthly issues delivered straight to your friend or family member before they even hit the shops. Simply complete the online form and we’ll take care of the rest.

Also, as part of the gift subscription you will have the opportunity to create a free gift card to notify your friend or family member that you have given them a magazine subscription as a gift.

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