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Do you love to know about the latest technologies on the market, but never find the time to read about them?

Technology evolves at a frightening rate. That’s why Stuff’s 'Hot Stuff' section offers nothing but the very best of the latest technology and gadgets, and you can get this delivered hassle-free every month!

We get the latest technology first

Whether it’s the latest iPhone, netbook, console game or life-changing online service, we’ll be the first to know about it and give you the low-down. But it can’t be any old rubbish – we pick nothing but the newest and best. It’s from building on this philosophy that Stuff has become the world's best-selling gadget magazine. We use technologies in the same way you do, so we can tell you how it’s going to perform in real-world conditions.

We have opinions

The well-informed, clued-up Stuff team isn’t afraid to stick its neck out and tell you what they think, whether collectively or individually.

We know that the latest product on the market isn’t always going to be the next big thing, so we’ll tell you if we think some new hyped-up tech is a dud or if it will genuinely change your life.

We also love reminiscing over tech gear of the past that’s made a difference or had an impact on future design. With technology developing so rapidly, Stuff produces in-depth monthly reviews of that latest gear, and all of this is delivered to your home at no extra cost.

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